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Tide times Erquy

The Pink Granite Coast

This is the tides in Erquy:

You can see the state of the tide: Falling on the right side of the dial and rising on the left.

The clock also indicates the tidal coefficient for the port of Erquy.

High and low tide in Erquy:

Our campsite in Erquy is on a coastline with two low tides and two high tides per day.
If you are planning an outing at sea or an afternoon of fishing, it is important to know the tide times.

During low tides you can fish for mussels, oysters, cockles or currycomb.... for a good iodised meal. The sea leaves you free to practice or learn to sail a sand yacht, an activity that will give you strong sensations, speed at ground level, and teach you to control the wind. Kite flying will amuse young and old alike. And why not play football or volleyball with your family or friends? ....

But you will need to remember to watch your watches so that you are not caught out by the rising tide. Consider taking a tide directory in Erquy.

Cape Fréhel

The Great Tides 2022:

Ile de brehat camping les roches erquy

The Moon attracts the water in the oceans with twice the force of attraction of the Sun, the reason being that it is closer to us.

The sun and moon are the couple behind the tides, their forces mesh in different ways depending on their positions:

  • When the moon and the sun are in alignment with the earth it is the time of the full moon or the new moon and we have a great tide also called spring tide.
  • The moon and the sun can also form a right angle with the earth, we will then be in neap tide: low tide coefficient.

When the tidal range reaches 100, it is called a spring tide.

Here are the main dates of the spring tides in 2022.
You will be able to plan your weekends or holidays according to the spring tide calendar.

Explore the open spaces, as this is also an opportunity to go on beautiful walks where the sea does not often leave its place.

The Great Tides 2023