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Fishing on foot in North Brittany

Fishing on foot

Fishing in Côtes d'Armor : A popular activity in North Brittany

If you want to play Robinson Crusoe and bring back some food yourself, at least for a meal or an aperitif, what could be simpler than to go to the great beaches of the Armor coast to practice fishing on foot: the "national sport" of the Bretons.

The Ilot du Verdelet, just a few minutes from Erquy campsite, has been named one of the top 5 fishing spots in North Brittany.

This large rock uncovered by the high tides is an ideal playground for the experienced or novice angler.

If you scratch well, you will find an abundance of fish: periwinkles, clams, crabs, lobsters and some abalone.

Warning: climbing is prohibited, as it is a protected bird sanctuary.

Fishing grounds on the Breton coast :


Whether in the Côtes d'Armor, Ile et Vilaine, Morbillan or Finistère, the 4 Breton departments are full of fishing spots.

In Erquy and the surrounding area, you will find many other places where you can practice this activity, which is fishing on foot. Each place has its own fishing.

Indeed, if you wish to taste cockles, the Bay of Fresnaye is a very popular place for its gourmets or on the beach of the port of Erquy. They are often found in rather muddy environments. A little advice for fishing without getting too tired: trample on them and the cockles will rise to the surface thinking that the sea is rising... and that's it! Remember to let them drain in clear sea water, it will crisp up less!

If it is oysters, mussels, periwinkles, whelks... that tickle your taste buds then there is no need to travel many kilometres. You will find them on our large beaches, you just have to wait for the low tide which will then discover the rocks, habitat of these small molluscs. For oysters, be careful, they are tough like the Breton character, to remove them from the rocks you will need a hammer and a chisel.

The knife is simpler and more fun to fish. It is this long and thin shellfish that is caught with a pinch of coarse salt. Yes, you have to find the characteristic hole it leaves in the sand when it sinks, and by putting some coarse salt on its hole it is then convinced that the sea comes up and leaves. But beware, he is more lively than he lets on.

In the register of easy fishing, there is also the clam. It's simple, you can find them thanks to the holes they leave when they bury themselves in the sand: 2 holes spaced out for the male and 2 tight holes in the shape of 8 for the female. All you have to do is dig about 6 to 15 cm deep.

And if on your way, a small jet of water of a few centimetres is projected into the air, then it means that you have disturbed a meadow.

For gourmets, there is the lobster. The lord of the foreshore. You will find it in the rocky areas hidden in a hole. You have to be observant: if you see a small pile of sand and shells in front of a hole, there is a good chance of finding a Breton lobster, recognisable by its beautiful blue colour, but don't let yourself be dazzled and watch out for its fearsome claws, because it won't let you do it!

For the smaller children, there is grey shrimp fishing, all they need is a landing net and off they go. They will go from pond to pond to catch this delicious little crustacean.

Fishing on foot in Brittany: Good practices.


Fishing on foot in North Brittany should not be considered as a simple stroll on the beach and rocks. There is a way to behave because fishing on foot is certainly free but it is also very regulated.


Here are some tips:


Before choosing my fishing spot in North Brittany:

I find out about the sanitary quality of the sites. And I avoid fishing the day after heavy rain.

I check the weather forecast and adapt my outfit, waterproof windbreaker if the rain threatens, cap, sun cream and long clothes if the sun is present. Be careful, the air can be cool but the sun is very strong at the water's edge. And of course the inevitable boots!

Always check the tide times to avoid being caught out by the rising tide. For your safety, remember to bring a mobile phone.

While fishing :


A good fisherman must always remember to respect nature, but also the strict rules of this activity.

You cannot take anything, at any time, in any way. To do this, you must carry a ruler that will allow you to measure your shellfish and take only those that are the right size, with the right equipment, in the right quantity and during the right fishing periods. The authorities are watching and a fine will be due if you contravene.

Please, if you move a pebble or a rock to see if there is a currycomb or something underneath, remember to put it back in its place...

And why not take a rubbish bag and if you find objects that don't belong there, pick them up... You will find bins at the entrance to the beaches, especially those of Erquy, to put your finds in.

Nature will thank you.

Regulatory size and catch quantities :

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